What the BLOG?!


Flawed ones. Mortals. Introverts. Dreamers. Lone-wolves. Lemonade makers. Wizards of words. Independent thinkers. Misunderstood children of the Universe. Dark souls. Unicorn whisperers. Effervescent souls. Glitter-blooded creatures. Beholders of the stars.

Welcome to this cyber-clusterfuck that is my blog in which you will NEVER find:

  • Short or straight to the point posts. Thank YOU self-diagnosed ADHD
  • DIY ANYTHING. If you want to DIY, then ehhhhh…DIY! 
  • Adulting. Not today. Not Never. 
  • Sappy Mommy posts about how much I adore my kids. I will rant. I will rant endlessly about ASSHOLE parenting and their SHIT-HEAD kids (Myself, and my sometimes-shitheaded kids included) 
  • ANYTHING DECAF. Decaf? That’s like sex with a condom right?! Well the fox is heavily caffeinated 100% of the time.  I mean don’t rappers swallow ‘shrooms for creativity? That’s the impression Eminem always gave me at least. Yea. Point made.
  • Hope for humanity. I do not have a soft spot for stupidity. Which is basically- 90% of humanity. So yea.
  • Predictability. I never know wtf I’m going to write about. Whatever happens happens. Side note: That’s how I ended up pregnant twice. (Same guy thank God!)   <–why do I DO things like this! 
  • Boundaries. Please refer to DISCLAIMER PAGE! 
  • Consistency. One day I’m in deep, poetic mode. One day I’m in FUCK THE WORLD mode. One day I just wanna tell a story using GIF’s. One day, I’m in sarcastic mode.. what matters is that ALL DAYS- I’m ranting.