About The “Writer”

Who me?! So fancy!

I don’t always walk around with a flower crown on my forehead…but when I do, I always make sure it’s a fake snap-chat filter!

Don’t judge. 

Hey Humans! Ely here (Elizabeth). And as opposed to “writer” I think I prefer one of these babies:

  • Ranter-of-all-the-Things
  • Expert-Bitcher
  • Grammar-Deviant
  • Word-Mobster

And since I’m too dissonant, and utterly incapable of putting together an “About Me” section that satisfies the hungry narcissist within (because I have deleted and re-written this section 7653678 times) I figured I’d just awkwardly list all of the things.

So ok here goes nothin’.

I’m Ely (wait I already said that huh?) and I’m-

  • 31 times around the sun
  • Born-n-raised in Miami, Fl
  • A mad-cool mom of 2 (Tiffany is 7, JJ is 5) and a step-mom of 1 (Adriana is 11)
  • A temperamental, socially-complicated/awkward, kind-of-introvert
  • SO snarky, blunt and sarcastic, that people just can’t tell when I’m serious anymore
  • Pretty sure that I’m borderline bipolar, full-blown ADHD, full-blown anxious on several levels, borderline depressed, and 100 percent have anger management issues. But I refuse to go get checked out. It’s too expensive. WordPress was free. You do the math.
  • Engaged (for the past 10 years) to my high-school sweet-heart …. long story.
  • A supervisor for a growing chain of vascular surgical centers
  • A part-time baker and cake-designing hustler
  • So addicted to caffeine, I’m not even sure my heart can take it anymore.
  • Obsessed with writing and journaling since the age of 7- when it all began.
  • Here to unravel myself from the deepest little corners of soul and my complex mind that DOES. NOT. REST.  

So essentially I’m a hot mess. First I drink the coffee, then I feel all the things, then I write ALL the things, then I share alll the things, then I immediately regret all the things.  It is what it is.


Well good talk! High five! Nice to sorta cyber-meet ya!


Unapologetically Yours,





9 thoughts on “About The “Writer””

      1. If you did read my about me- you’d then know that we are probably more alike than not in this sense!!! I am SEEKING unapologetic souls like myself EVERY SINGLE DAY and may I say? WE ARE RARE creatures! Never apologize for who you are or what you love! Love CONQUERS and your voice is the only thing you have in this life… so you USE IT!

        Liked by 1 person

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