Playing With Fire

It’s 2017. While some moms or dads have the opportunity to stay home and raise the kids while their partner runs around the corporate world like the Headless Horseman on crack- it’s more common that both parents are out there hustling day and night trying to make ends meet for eachother and their beloved spoiled-as-FUCK offspring. But lately I’m kind of just over it.  I’m over this struggle to balance love and money. The realization that money controls everything in my life including the vitality of my relationship is fucking beyond me. Continue reading “Playing With Fire”

Morbid Brainfuckeries Galore. 

Pre-brainfuckery: I adamanty believe in the existence of ghosts. Ghouls, spirits, phantoms, incorporeal beings, souls gone astray..Casper for fucksake. My mind often wanders when it comes to mortality and this is where I crown myself the Diva of Darkness. The subject on ghosts along with string theory, parallel universe(s), alien existence, and evolution versus religion….ugh you just CANNOT fathom…they make me cringe with excitement! Total mindgasms.

Continue reading “Morbid Brainfuckeries Galore. “