Cheers To Us “In Between” Girls…

Good morning humans.

I’d like to share a fellow Miami blogger and friend that I’ve known since high school. Effective immediately, I need all to follow, love, and know her!

She’s a stunning human, and we have so much in common sometimes that it’s scary and I’ve labeled her my “soul-twin”. She’s raw, hardcore, funny as hell, relatable, and MUCH quicker to make her point than I ever will be! I’m so proud of you! You’re amazing and I hope you never stop writing again! Also, I have a whole like 67-ish followers girl I am ALMOST blog-famous so get READY to be SLAMMED with fans! 😆

Journey In My 30s

Y’all know what I mean by the “in between” girls right?…no?! Oh my Jesus Lordt…

Ok, I’ll use myself as an example. I’m by no means considered skinny, but at the same time I’m not really Plus size either. I’m right at the cusp fuck you BMI calculator! I refuse to believe I am obese.

So where do I fall?! I work in a retail store which I will not name because of the amount of shit I talk about that place…I mean I hate my job but momma got bills to pay. Feel me? that by no means runs true to size.I’m a size 28 in some jeans, a 30 in others, and in another style a size 30 won’t even go up my thighs…yet I know I can’t fit into the smallest Plus size jeans, those are huge on me. So where the fuck do I fall?! Which…

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Dear Steve;

No. Not you Blue’s Clue’s Steve. But I’m not done with you yet (apparently). Seriously Karina, you just made me question half of my existence. Is this the twilight zone as fuck or what? Guys. Steve isn’t even dead? And then I went and actually looked this up and I’m baffled. Like how did I NOT do this before? I feel like a total idiot!Steve is ALIVE!!!

But back to you ACTUAL Steve, to whom this hate-letter was meant for…

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January 30, 2003

Below is a poem that I’ve copied word-for-word from my high school journal. I was 17 years dumb. I don’t write this type of stuff anymore BUT Paul’s recent poem made me slightly nostalgic of the old wanna-be-poet I was once-upon-a-teenage-time AND I’ve  been meaning to reconnect to my teenage self via my old journals for a while now. I get this feeling that I’m going to dig up a lot of stuff that I can still relate to today- and this poem, is a prime example of a little treasure buried deep in the emotionally-complex rubbles of my pre-adulting years (I’m still emotionally-complex but for a shitload of completely different reasons, of course).

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Alright STOP. Collaborate and Listen…

There’s a question which has grabbed ahold of me tightly. It’s flowing like a harpoon in my mind, daily and nightly and it’s killing my brain like a poisonous mushroom. So let’s get quick to the point, to the point no faking. tumblr_mxw15dVWm31rlb6iho1_400(I don’t eat bacon so I won’t be cooking any MC’s like a pound of them nor have I ever heard a real-life cymbal so I’m not sure if I’d go crazy if I ever heard one…have I lost you already?!) Perfect. 

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In Which I Layer Rants On Rants To Make A Rantwich and Then Sprinkle it With A Dash of Rant and Add a Side Of Ranting.


Dude. This chick even rants in her post titles… Gee-zus!


If I had a penny for every single time I’ve whispered “what the FUCK” to myself by the end of any day- I’d be rich. I’d be able to pay off my credit cards. I’d be able to half-ass-afford my own Starbucks addiction without willingly overdrawing my bank account-I don’t think you’ve been able to grasp the “realness” of my caffeine struggles guys. 

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