To Every Stella Out There Right Now.

Your first thought: Who is this “Stella” and I many of them are there? Hmm…’cause I know zero Stellas except that one chick from the movie with the badass braids and muscle for days!

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Weekend Forecast: 98% Chance of Mental Shit-Storms

Well happy weekend humans! It’s been a fairly decent, rollercoaster-of-moodswings (as usual) kind of day. And while the incessant shit-show that construes my mind was not meant to be the focal point of this post, I thought you know what? Let’s do something different.

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My Disappearances Make Me Rant about My Disappearances.Β 

My most sincerest of apologies to my phenomenally courageous like 13 followers who are clearly as mentally unclear as I. I fell of the map. Speaking of maps (and please excuse the all-over-the-placeness) can you BELIEVE that retarded ass rapper who keeps arguing that the Earth is ACTUALLY FLAT because no matter how high up we are, we cannot “see the curve” BAHAHAHA! WOW DUDE. HIGH FIVE!

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